Honors & Awards

  • NEI Early Career Travel Grant, Annual Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society (VSS), St. Pete’s Beach, FL (2024)
  • Travel Grant, Functional Vision & Accessibility (FVA), SKERI, San Francisco, CA (2023)
  • Travel Grant, The Eye & The Chip, Detroit, MI (2023)


  • BS in Research Psychology, 2022

    California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly), San Luis Obispo, CA

Project Lead

A nuanced understanding of the strategies that people who are blind or visually impaired employ to perform different instrumental activities of daily living (iADLs) is essential to the success of future visual accessibility aids.

Project Affiliate

How do people’s navigatioal abilities change in stressful conditions? How can we best train them for these situations? And how can vision augmentation be employed to improve situational awareness?


We present a series of analyses on the shared representations between evoked neural activity in the primary visual cortex of a blind human with an intracortical visual prosthesis, and latent visual representations computed in deep neural networks.

Our interview study found a significant gap between researcher expectations and implantee experiences with visual prostheses, underscoring the importance of focusing future research on usability and real-world application.

We present a mixed-methods approach that combines semi-structured interviews with a follow-up behavioral study to understand current and potential future use of technologies for daily activities around the home, especially for cooking.