Understanding the Information Needs of People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

The goal of this project is to obtain a nuanced understanding of the strategies that people who are blind or visually impaired (BVI) employ to perform different instrumental activities of daily living (iADLs).

Identifying useful and relevant visual cues that could support these iADLs, especially when the task involves some level of scene understanding, orientation, and mobility, will be essential to the success of near-future visual accessibility aids.

Project Team

Project Leads:

Lily Turkstra

Junior Specialist

Lexie Van Os

Research Assistant

Project Affiliates:

Tori LeVier

Research Assistant

Khalid Mihlar

Research Assistant

Anissa Carter

Promise Scholar


Open Position

Undergraduate Research Assistant (RA)

Principal Investigator:

Michael Beyeler

Assistant Professor


We present a systematic literature review of 216 publications from 109 different venues assessing the potential of XR technology to serve as not just a visual accessibility aid but also as a tool to study perception and behavior in people with low vision and blind people whose vision was restored with a neuroprosthesis.

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