Honors & Awards

  • Presenters Travel Award: Cosyne ‘23, Montreal, Canada (2023)
  • Google Summer Internship (2022, 2023)


  • BS in Computer Science and BS in Mathematics, 2018

    New York University Shanghai

In the News

Project Lead

Understanding the visual system in health and disease is a key issue for neuroscience and neuroengineering applications such as visual prostheses.

How does the brain extract relevant visual features from the rich, dynamic visual input that typifies active exploration, and how does the neural representation of these features support visual navigation?


We introduce a multimodal recurrent neural network that integrates gaze-contingent visual input with behavioral and temporal dynamics to explain V1 activity in freely moving mice.

We present a biophysically detailed in silico model of retinal degeneration that simulates the network-level response to both light and electrical stimulation as a function of disease progression.

We combined deep learning-based scene simplification strategies with a psychophysically validated computational model of the retina to generate realistic predictions of simulated prosthetic vision.