PCMag: Restoring vision with bionic eyes - no longer science fiction

Dr. Michael Beyeler wants to interface with your brain through bionic vision. Find out why he compares his work to a ‘less creepy’ version of the brain implants on ‘Black Mirror.’

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PCMag: Restoring vision with bionic eyes - no longer science fiction (Yuichiro Chino / Getty)

A new article appeared in PCMag to celebrate the inauguration of the Bionic Vision Lab at UCSB:

Bionic vision might sound like science fiction, but Dr. Michael Beyeler is working on just that.

Originally from Switzerland, Dr. Beyeler is wrapping up his postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington before moving to the University of California Santa Barbara this fall to head up the newly formed Bionic Vision Lab in the Departments of Computer Science and Psychological & Brain Sciences.

We spoke with him about this “deep fascination with the brain” and how he hopes his work will eventually be able to restore vision to the blind. Here are edited and condensed excerpts from our conversation.

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Michael Beyeler
Assistant Professor

Michael Beyeler directs the Bionic Vision Lab at UC Santa Barbara, which is developing novel methods and algorithms to interface sight recovery technologies with the human visual system, with the ultimate goal of restoring useful vision to the blind.